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Sibomat: 'To build like that, it’s a dream come true'


Building a house (a home) is one of the most important decisions people make in their life. As a consequence, they will always search for a partner they can trust to turn their dream into reality in the most carefree way possible. Sibomat, a renowned specialist in timber frame construction, has built more than 7,000 houses since it began in 1979.

In 2017 Duval Union Innovative Marketing and Profacts started the transformation process for Sibomat with qualitative and quantitative research. Up to then, Sibomat focused in their communications on being a timber frame constructor rather than on being a building partner. Research results showed that ‘within time, within budget’ is the most crucial benefit when choosing a building partner.

Duval Branding positioned Sibomat as the most reliable partner, guaranteeing its clients the best experience throughout the entire construction period leading up to the realisation of their dream house. On a communication level, this meant evolving from a purely rational approach, focusing on the practical advantages

Sibomat offers, to an emotionally charged communication, as building your dream house remains a decision with high emotional involvement. Sibomat can help you realise this dream. The tagline (‘To build like that, it’s a dream come true’) seamlessly links the two main elements: the smooth building process and the resulting dream house. The fairytale book with pop-up dream house turned out to be the perfect visualisation of this insight. The overall emotional style of communication was further applied to brochures and leaflets, new style experience showrooms, exhibition stands, online and offline advertising – all building blocks for a strong and consistent brand.


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