Cases Overview

Relevancy and the right audience for Neuhaus


Everyone loves chocolate and so do we! It’s probably one of the products that we Belgians are most-known for. So why would you let national borders limit your online marketing on Google or Facebook? Our ads reach people throughout Europe and drive conversions, both online and in local shops.

By introducing automation at scale, we’ve increased the all-year performance of Neuhaus’ search and shopping campaigns in Google. Relevancy and the right audiences are the two main focus points that deliver immediate results. Combining available machine learning systems with continuous optimisation allows for optimal output from this approach. Neuhaus All efforts have to contribute to the system.

A visit to a Neuhaus store is an experience in itself. Online advertisements for Neuhaus’ products can and should often lead people to stores. Measuring these store visits from interaction on search engines and social media is key to understanding the full impact of our digital activity. This way, we know that for each online purchase, we report a multitude of offline store visits. Defining objectives towards both offline and online sales is key to this omnichannel effort. A big brand like Neuhaus needs to be protected at all times. We want to build the brand in a sustainable way, but not at any cost. Therefore, we carefully select placements for display and video advertisements and make sure the premium image of Neuhaus chocolates is never at risk. Even the copy of the search ads needs to make people long for their delicious chocolates.