Cases Overview

The KBC Assist app as a helping hand on Friday the 13th


KBC was looking for a fun way to promote their insurance app to a broad social audience. With Friday the 13th just around the corner, we found the perfect social topic. We developed an addictive social mini game to help communicate our message and introduce people to the app that allows you to report an accident or contact your insurance agent.

Players had to navigate a car through a busy street to collect points while avoiding obstacles like black cats and broken mirrors. And as the best social advertising doesn’t feel like advertising, we only talked about KBC Assist when people hit an obstacle. This allowed us to link the virtual accident and the feeling of bad luck to KBC Assist as a helping hand. The game earned people’s attention, resulting in an average of over 5 game plays per user, with people trying to beat their own high score time after time. More importantly, 16,37% of the participants actually clicked on the KBC Assist pop-up, which drove a lot of traffic towards the KBC Assist product page with more information.