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If bread could talk … It would always prefer Délio


Délio is a Belgian brand of delicious spreads. Duval Union Innovative Marketing and Profacts started working on the positioning of the brand through concept clinics and quantitative analysis.

What makes Délio different from any other spread? The answer is the unique recipe and balanced mixture, with great, tasty chunks of the main ingredient. Friendship translated these conclusions into a campaign: ‘If bread could talk … It would always prefer Délio.’ They have a range of yummy spreads with high-quality ingredients. Perfect to put on your Sunday toast, sandwich, white bread, rye bread, wholegrain bread, french bread, croissant, bun, challah, bagel, butter roll, ciabatta, cornbread, crackers, focaccia, french toast, naan, olive bread, walnut bread, panettone, pumpernickel bread, scone, spelt bread … It’s delicious on all kinds of bread. Also, bread knows that too. If bread could talk, it would be Délio’s most convincing ambassador. In a series of movies, the bread was voiced by Belle Perez, Rik Verheye and Maarten Vancoillie.

If bread could talk… It would never ever shut up about the deliciousness of Délio.



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