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Flavour and fun for Looza



With its delicious juices, carefully blending domestic and exotic fruits, Looza has built an impressive heritage, which they deeply cherish. Naturally, they equally care for their future. That’s where Duval Branding and Friendship stepped in: we revitalised the design, adding even more flavour and fun to the brand and created a sparkling campaign. Looza offers no less than 21 flavours to enjoy.

Duval Branding developed a particular design for every single one. Starting point: the basic shapes of the four most popular fruits. We added fresh colours, whimsical shapes and patterns, all in numerous variations. This technique worked perfectly for branding an all-new range of refreshing fruit drinks. We wanted to tickle people’s curiosity, not only through new POS materials. The messaging was all about the ‘live juicy’ philosophy, encouraging our audience to flavour their everyday routine with an element of surprise.

Friendship added to this fun aspect with the ‘How to turn your bottle into a musical instrument’-campaign. Remember how you used to blow on a bottle and sound came out? Together with the musicians of Roundhouse, we tuned the iconic Looza bottle and mirrored it to their drinking straws, turning every bottle into a musical instrument. When you ordered a Looza, you received your bottle tuner and a ‘playmat’ that allowed you to practice famous tunes, from Beethoven to Beyonce.