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The Drunken Horse Gin: venture into the unknown



Taking home the gold medal in the 2018 world spirits competition in San Francisco, you could say The Drunken Horse Gin had already enjoyed some success. Time to leverage the local product brand into an international premium brand.

Most gin brands explain a benefit (origin, ingredients, flavour mixing, craftsmanship, …) and create a brand universe around it. To sharpen the brand story of The Drunken Horse Gin in a compelling and activating way, we needed something else. And so we decided to put the consumer first.

Inspired by Belgian surrealism, we created unexpected imagery, challenging the viewer’s preconditioned perception of reality. The sometimes shocking and confusing nature of surrealism makes it a brilliant tool for brands to create an image without conveying a traditional advertising message in a conventional way. Connecting things that don’t belong together to dramatise a benefit. Exactly like our dreams, the brand imagery is bizarre yet familiar to us. Why? Because surrealism and advertising share a common goal: to use creativity in an effort to liberate our imagination.