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The connection between data and marketing



“Artificial intelligence is trained on real-world data,” explains Alain Glickman. “Indeed, as marketing automation becomes more widely used, we foresee significant upside potential to maximise marketing efficiency and lower selling costs, leading to more profitable operations.” Nonetheless, Glickman reminds clients that the wisdom of machines does not fully replace management’s own judgement and business acumen.

Through high-tech computation and repeatable marketing processes, Glickman has a track record for improving ‘value-per-customer’ in support of a company’s pursuit to create, keep and grow customers. For example, a leading company in electronic payment services decided to generate new value propositions based on data-driven insights.

Glickman designed 360-degree customer profiles, including interpretation and understanding of vital usage data, such as transactions, fees and revenue margins, alongside data associated with terminals, shops and payment history, among other recorded information. Based on Glickman’s profiling, its client created and implemented new services packs per customer segment, leading to more than 5% improvement in sales.

In another business case, the Belgian branch of an international cash & carry chain decided to improve how they target their promotions. Together with Glickman, the client established a new marketing automation capability to pinpoint target groups and to personalise messages. Probability scores identify those ‘most targetable’ for a specific promotion. This repeatable process reinforces a more relevant relationship between the brand and its consumers. It also helps to eliminate waste and reduce operating expenses.

“Our client now has superb ability to substantially enhance the buying experience of their consumers,” said Alain Glickman. “New consumers are welcomed. Repeat buyers are rewarded. People living in a flat on the fifth floor no longer receive promotions for gardening products.” Now, more than ever, companies see evidence of mounting customer data captured amid technologies both inside and outside their enterprise. Senior executives recognise these data sets as valuable assets and, as a result, they strive strategically to optimise profitable yield.

What differentiates Glickman is the firm’s unique knowhow to connect data and marketing – and to make these domains interact successfully. Glickman turns abstract data into actionable marketing insights. Glickman believes in making data profitable.