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Bosch DIY workshop: make your own floating lighting shelf


Bosch, expert in household appliances, wanted to spark the conversation with do-ityourselfers. The objective of the campaign was to boost awareness of the new cordless drill driver, the Pushdrive and the book DIY for Beginners. Bosch organised a workshop in which professionals showed influencers how to use power tools to help them introduce these power tools in the lives of creative do-it-yourselfers.

Several influencers joined the DIY workshop where they exclusively tested the Bosch power tools. Our team of experts carefully chose all influencers. We looked for creators with a passion for DIY, design and decorating. Fourteen influencers were found to be a perfect match for Bosch. To give the influencers the space they needed, Bosch organised a DIY workshop where bloggers, vloggers and social broadcasters could let their creativity run free and use the power tools at the same time. Engaging influencers to create high-quality content was a perfect way for Bosch to boost awareness among consumers. The 14 selected influencers created 93 publications on their social media which generated an engagement of 16,9K people with a cost per engagement of €0,44. The campaign reached a total of 747K people as influencers felt encouraged to capture their DIY journey as well as the creation of their artwork.