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18 September 2020
Tino Dekkers

Video eCommerce: the latest innovation to engage your customers online


Ever heard of Video eCommerce? MMBSY and Nine O'Clock Somewhere were the first to launch this unique concept in Belgium with a digital catwalk for Mayerline Brussels. Differentiating your brand in the highly competitive world of e-commerce isn't easy nowadays. Video eCommerce allows you to inspire your customers and create commercial potential at the same time.

From transactional to inspirational shopping

Although COVID-19 introduced a shift from brick and mortar stores to online shopping, web shops are still a transactional channel and focus less on inspirational content. That's why most online shoppers leave web shops without buying anything. Since web shop visitors are quite anonymous, retailers don’t have a lot of data or information about the preferences of those shoppers. Not to mention the massive online competition amongst online businesses. Lots of brands are therefore looking for new possibilities to engage with their online audience.

Digital catwalk: a first in Belgium

As an answer to the challenges mentioned earlier, Nine O’Clock Somewhere and MMBSY launched the first digital catwalk for the fashion retailer Mayerline. But how does it work exactly? It is a full screen video which showcases the products. The customers or ‘viewers’ can see how items fit, experience it with his or her own eyes and almost feel the texture of the fabrics. It even allows you to buy items without leaving the video. (Remember those good old tele-shopping days?) As if you attended a fashion event at home, a front-row seat from your couch. This inspiring and interactive video experience transcends a shallow and quick web shop visit.

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Insights & interaction

Tino Dekkers from Nine O'Clock Somewhere: “When developing our Video eCommerce innovation, I started talking to retailers who were looking for new possibilities to engage their customers online. In these COVID-19 times the stores are practically empty and there is a lot of competition online. So how do you engage your customer base in your web shop?

First of all, it is important to know your customer’s taste and preferences. After all, it determines if your collection will be sold out or whether a lot of stock will remain. The Video eCommerce innovation allows you to measure your customer’s preferences, which provides a lot of insights for your next collection.

Moreover by watching the Video eCommerce you will increase your time on site. Your clients can check out immediately in the video or create a wish list. The wish list-feature makes it possible for them to mark their favourite items and at the same time provides you with an opportunity to start interacting with them and tempt them to buy. The Video eCommerce sends customers the suggestion to try on the items from your wish list in the nearest Mayerline store. By driving the customers to stores, the Video eCommerce channel is more than just an online tool.

This concept was a giant leap of faith for Mayerline. Along with Amazon and Chinese platforms like JB, they took the lead in the field of (live) streaming e-commerce.

Inspiration as commercial potential

The future of Video eCommerce offers the possibility for Mayerline to broadcast a new edition monthly to enthuse their customers about their latest products. It can even be a live video from one of their stores. By using data from their customers they can set up separate videos for different target audiences, for example a video for stylish clothing, casual chic or even for customers with a preference for black or floral prints.

In a nutshell: the Video eCommerce innovation makes it possible to identify your customers and gain insight in their preferences. It allows you to shift your focus from the transactional phase late in the customer journey to earlier during the orientation process of your client. By inspiring your customers you reach a whole new audience that creates a wish list, which are all potential checkouts. These are all shopping carts you would have never had with a traditional approach. Video eCommerce therefore creates an exponential increase of the number of shopping carts. It has huge commercial potential and added value, compared to a traditional web shop.

Something for your brand?

Would you like to start your own Video eCommerce channel? Contact Tino Dekkers and we will make it happen. Lead the way with this great innovation.