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22 December 2020
Use our best cases of 2020 to up your marketing strategy: part 2

Use our best cases of 2020 to up your marketing strategy: part 2


Like everything in life, learning from others' wins and losses can be a great way to get ahead. Luckily for you we are back with part 2 of our best cases of 2020. Here are some interesting lessons you can learn from our industry experts. From data marketing to startups we’ve got you covered. Get your read on!

Best cases of 2020

1. Herculean Alliance up their engagement game

As employee engagement specialists, Herculian Alliance, certainly practice what they preach. What they do best? Bring people together and provide them with an unique experience, that they will talk about for years to come.

 At the beginning of 2020, Herculean launched a new initiative: the Employee Engagement Awards. Their goal was to give more companies the opportunity to share their exceptional employee engagement stories. But just after the launch, Covid-19 happened. Suddenly, teleworking and employee engagement became a hot topic. Great.. but there was a big catch. It was difficult, let’s just say impossible to organize a physical event to bring people together. In short: a real challenge. But Herculean used this crisis as a time for reflection. As a brand it’s important to master the art of reinventing yourself. Adapt and thrive is the message here!

The result? A new tv-format with their partners and Kanaal Z. They were able to support companies in their ambition to stimulate engagement and they managed to bring together a new community. On top of that the new format was a catalyst for companies that wanted to increase the involvement of their employees. And with over 25 companies participating in 3 categories, we can say it was a big hit! 

2. Zerocopy about their secret for growth

So, you want to start a startup? Zerocopy proves that Duval Union is buzzing with young talent and entrepreneurial spirit. The company managed to unite the business and student community. How? With the help of Zerocopy advertisers can finally put their content in the medium with which students spend most of their time: study courses!

For this startup, 2020 was all about growth. When students were unable to print their courses on their own because of the lockdown, their delivery service really took off! And as if that wasn’t enough, they also managed to save Belgian students over 1M EUR in essential educational costs. Driving growth through social impact… we really have only one thing to say: Way to go!

What valuable lessons can we learn from this successful startup? If you want to jump-start your growth, you might want to embrace a startup mindset. Dare to challenge the status-quo and become a creative problem solver. On top of that you don’t build a business all by yourself. In 2020 Zerocopy expanded their team with not 1 but 3 partnership managers. So, make sure you invest in a talented team- this can make or break your success. Time to put these tips to good use on your path to growth!

3. Expand your creative playground with FRIENDSHIP

What do you get when content creators meet the new Nikon Z-series? Pure magic. That’s exactly what advertising agency FRIENDSHIP created with their new campaign for Nikon. Their exceptional adventure resulted in a lot of interesting insights. Let’s just say that shooting 4 films in 12 locations all over the world during a global pandemic… was a little bit of challenge.  

Combining their forces with K&L, FRIENDSHIP created a strategic and creative launch plan for different markets worldwide. This resulted in the campaign ‘expand your creative playground.’ The concept behind it is pretty straightforward: the new Nikon Z-series was made available to young up-and-coming creatives who could discover and test the devices. In short? Letting creators do what the love and live for in an authentic way. That’s also why they didn’t look for the most popular creators or the one with the most followers. They chose individual talents, who create from the heart.

Why it worked? Simple, they put the customer at the heart of their campaign. It created meaningful interactions and gave a fresh twist to their brand story. This type of content shows you what the product is like in real-life and what it can do for you. It also means creators are delighted to used it and are loyal to the brand. So being costumer obsessed in 2021 may not be such a bad idea… 

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4. GrowthAgent puts the pedal to the metal for BCF

In Belgium we eat cobblestones for breakfast and climb hills for lunch. The whole world knows that. And so when Belgian Cycling Factory (BCF), Belgium’s largest cycling company, had to accelerate their digital transformation, Martech agency GrowthAgent happily answered the call.

When dealers needed to close their doors at the beginning of 2020, it quickly became clear that BCF had to invest in marketing as a service. One way or another they had to find a way to reunite their brand and dealer network. The solution? A new data-driven marketing service powered by the first-party data BCF collects and unifies across its channels and family of brands.

By using data-driven marketing BCF was able to gain new and valuable customer insights. By understanding and engaging with their customers, as well as launch a marketing-as-a-service offering for their dealers they managed to drive up sales. We already said it before: Big data is more important than ever, and it’s only going to get more important to online retailers of all sizes. Luckily, it’s also more accessible than ever before.

The easy part is over – the challenge is putting all this knowledge into practice. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect… and you have a whole year to do just that!

Are you looking for tailor-based services to match your business objectives? Feel free to get in touch with our experts! Who knows you might even be featured in the best cases of 2021…

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