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22 December 2020
Use our best cases of 2020 to up your marketing strategy: part 1

Use our best cases of 2020 to up your marketing strategy: part 1


Figuring out how to reach, connect with and convert your target audience can be quite overwhelming. The solution? Take a look at companies who are successful and analyze what they are doing right. In this article we will make you look at your business challenges from a marketers point of view. Time to learn how to actively react to get results for unique situations. We cover our best case studies from 2020. At Duval Union we like to share knowledge… and celebrate our successes. From content marketing, to branding and even employee engagement, we’ve got you covered. Can’t wait? Let’s take a look at part 1!

Best cases of 2020

1. Awe-inspiring design with Duval Branding

As a strategic design studio, Duval Branding knows that good design is good business. And 2020 was no different for them. They created an awe-inspiring brand identity for their client Brachot. But dealing with the uniqueness of a family business that operates worldwide wasn’t an easy task!

They created a solid brand founded on the Brachot heritage. One that just like the company will stand the test of time. Strategically it was a difficult challenge, going from brand positioning, defining brand architecture, inventing a design system in which the brand strategy can flourish … But despite getting some skeptical reactions, Duval Branding stuck to their guns. And today they can look back on a great result and a satisfied customer. So if you want great branding: Be patient and trust your designer!

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2. Nine O’Clock Somewhere brings you the catwalk of the future

Buying your favorite outfits straight from the catwalk, isn’t that every woman’s dream? Digital experience agency Nine O’Clock Somewhere makes it happen. They are the first to launch this amazing concept in Belgium… and that deserves a virtual high-five!

They set up this interactive, digital fashion show for Mayerline. Their Video eCommerce innovation makes it possible to make purchases from full-screen video, without having to go to another website or web shop. The lesson here? Be a front runner, because waiting is hardly ever a good strategy when it comes to marketing. Make your webshop a true shopping experience for your customers! 

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3. Find your purpose with MMBSY

People prefer companies that stand up for something. Yes, we are talking about the whole profit versus purpose debate. A purpose driven content strategy can help you win the minds and hearts of your customers. And that’s exactly what MMBSY did for TelenetGo.

TelenetGo’s mission was to make people connect with their screens in a meaningful way, by informing and inspiring them. Together with content and PR agency MMBSY, they chose to work around the topic of “sharenting”. The goal? Raise awareness about parents sharing pictures of their children on their own social media and open up the discussion within families.

And that’s exactly what MMBSY did by creating and sharing valuable but entertaining content. It’s all about coming up with realistic solutions for your target audience. So it’s about time to walk a mile in your customers shoes!

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4. Glickman shows us why data is important

When a well-known Social Secretariat needed help advising their clients on the topic of salary politics, they called upon data marketing expert Glickman to save the day!

Unlike their bigger competitors, they didn’t have sufficient data to create tailor-made salary packages. But there’s nothing good data can’t solve. Glickman developed a data model that predicts the missing specifications. At the start of the project the Social Secretariat only had about 100.000 lines. Today, after applying Glickman’s model, they have about 1 billion lines to assemble a salary package with.

You still have doubts about data? It seems that just like our internet connection, data has become something we just can’t live without. With lockdowns that caused unprecedented change in consumer behaviour, it will be a very useful tool in re-discovering customers in the years to come.

The easy part is over – the challenge is putting all this knowledge into practice. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Need more ideas? Stay tuned for part 2!

Are you looking for tailor-based services to match your business objectives? Feel free to get in touch with our experts! Who knows you might even be featured in the best cases of 2021…

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