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26 June 2020
Andreas Creten

How the corona crisis accelerated remote working



In this episode of Kanaal Z's series 'Never Waste a Good Crisis' Andreas Creten, Founder & CEO of remote-first company madewithlove, discusses how engaged entrepreneurship with a digital approach runs in times of corona. Read all about it in this blog post below and don't forget to watch the video (Dutch only).

Digital solutions

Madewithlove helps companies build scalable digital platforms. They take care of the technical aspects and make sure that a team on the customer-side will eventually take over your tasks.The big difference with a normal agency is that they determine an exit strategy from day one. With their strong and experienced team, they are able to market digital platforms very quickly. The sooner they are superfluous themselves, the better they have done their job according to CEO Andreas Creten.

Madewithlove works primarily for corporate ventures, start-ups and scaleups. They mainly kickstart projects, providing a shorter time to market. In this turbulent period, companies need to switch quickly to digital solutions. 

Certainly, in this period, companies need to be able to quickly adopt digital solutions. If you don't have the technical knowledge in-house, it's not a good idea to try building a technical team yourself. In addition, the proof points of madewithlove are about advising in make/buy decisions, helping to define the technical strategy and the ideal team setup. Once they find the right setup, they build the product and leave when they have trained a team to take it over from them.

Senseful advice

Andreas Creten advises managers who were lagging somewhat behind on the digital revolution. The global pandemic caused a wave of panic, because building a power digital platform takes time. User expectations have risen immensely over the past 5 years. As an organization you only have one chance to get it right, so don't waste precious time or your effort will have been in vain.

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