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1 September 2020
André Duval paves the way for a next generation of young entrepreneurs at Duval Union

André Duval paves the way for a next generation of young entrepreneurs at Duval Union



André Duval, founder, main shareholder and president of Duval Union, announced he is leaving the collective. After a long-lasting and productive career in marketing and communication, it's time for something else. One of his biggest achievements? The foundation of Duval Union in 2012, a frontrunner in the world of marketing and advertising technology.

André Duval: “I look back with satisfaction on 40 wonderful years in advertising. After selling Duval Guillaume to the Publicis group in 2011, I founded Duval Union. The network was my vision on how the advertising world should evolve. Entrepreneurship and technology will always be fascinating to me, especially its impact on our industry. It's time to say goodbye - at least for now - and make room for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Together, they will continue to build this Union of autonomous businesses.”

In 2014 Duval Union has evolved into a cooperative partnership with varying participations in service businesses after the arrival of Klaus Lommatzsch en Marc Bresseel. The past couple of years André Duval has been phasing out his involvement in favour of his partners.

Klaus Lommatzsch explains: "André’s vision to create an ecosystem of expert companies was the right idea at the right time. Today we stand firmly in the market with 16 companies and 230 employees. Which is why we can offer a broad - yet relevant - expertise to help our clients. We thank André for the collaboration and will do whatever it takes to grow the legacy of the brand."

"We have a good foundation for an even stronger story which will have a bigger impact for our clients. Consolidation at a certain level, expansion on one hand and at the same time focus and simplicity on the other hand, an even stronger Duval Union brand story, an efficient new business machine and better awareness for every expert business in the Union. These are the guiding principles we try to reconcile and continue to lay out together with all leaders of the Duval Union partner companies", Marc Bresseel adds.