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18 November 2020
Klaus Lommatzsch

8 books you should read by the end of this year



Are you always busy with e-mails, polishing your brand and staying on top of your social media? And don’t forget about all those videocalls. Can you keep up with the competition? Marketing in this digital age is constantly changing. What worked six months ago, is now old news. In short: your time is precious and you don’t have a lot of it. So, how do you keep your industry knowledge up-to-date? 

Listening to podcasts, reading blogposts or watching webinars is a great way to keep up, but books let you deep-dive into different subjects. With the holidays around the corner, they also make the perfect gift for the marketer or entrepreneur in your life.  

Here are some of the best marketing and leadership books you should read by the end of this year to start 2021 with a bang. 

1. "Obsessed" by Marc Bresseel & Renout Van Hove

Obsessed is about demystifying the complex world of data. From data strategy to infusing Artificial Intelligence capabilities into your organization: this book challenges marketers and sales professionals to think long-term and generate relevant customer experiences. Our very own Marc Bresseel and Renout Van Hove are clearly obsessed with MarTech and they want you to be as well. 

2. “Unfair Advantage” by Carole Lamarque

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must think and act like a cheetah. No this isn’t an ad for Tiger King. It’s about looking for your company’s unfair advantage. Just like a cheetah you must be focussed, fast, agile and guard your territory. This book encourages marketers and entrepreneurs to create their own unique identity. What are you waiting for? Go discover your Unfair Advantage

3. “The world is round” by Jo Caudron

Technology as a way to an optimistic but realistic future in which we can plan for growth of people, society and the economy. Sounds like a great read. Guess what? It won’t disappoint. From digital disruption to major issues like climate change, you’ll read all about it in The world is round. An award-winning book by Jo Caudron that should be on the reading-list of every visionary leader!  

4. “Beyond Brands” van Tom Van Den Bergh

Knowing how brands work is one thing. Knowing how they’ll evolve is something else. In Beyond Brands, Tom Van Den Berg explains how brands should, can and will make our lives easier and more beautiful. The perfect read for everyone and anyone in communication or media. Time to get lost in Beyond Brands and get inspired! 

5. “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek

A book about psychology and leadership? Meet another one of Simone Sinek’s masterpieces. The million dollar question in this book: Do you play with a finite or infinite mindset? We’ll let you answer that question. A book for game changers and visionaries who want to strengthen their leadership skills. A great read to add to the list.

6. “Mens VS Machine. Artificiële intelligentie ontrafeld” by Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic! But not everyone is a fan. AI seems to have caused a digital divide. The queen of AI, Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere, answers all of your pressing questions and debunks quite a few myths in this book. No, it’s not a marketing book but it’s a must read for marketers and entrepreneurs. Just trust us, you’ll see! 

7. “Brandhacking” by Stef Verbeeck

2020 was a make-or-break year for brands. According to strategist Stef Verbeeck it takes 7 steps to create a successful brand. Case studies, inspiring examples and innovative solutions to today's strategic challenges, that’s all you need to make 2021 a business success. 

8. “The Bezos Letters: 24 principles to grow your business like Amazon” by Steven Anderson

We couldn’t finish this list without talking about Amazon. Even during a global pandemic they made record profits. Aren’t you curious about how Jeff Bezos did it? The Bezos Letters takes you through shareholder letters and breaks them down into growth principles you can apply in your company.


Do you feel inspired after reading all those books? Or you are too busy to read? Contact our experts at Duval Union for advice and kick-start 2021!