Digital TransformationA model to master digital disruption

Digital has fundamentally impacted our lives as well as the way we operate our businesses. Big tech players like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are changing the rules of the game, while challengers like Uber, Tesla, Airbnb and Spotify disrupt one industry after the other. Disruption is happening so fast, we believe that the time is now to transform your business into the digital age.

Our consulting methodology is a guide for anticipating the change and converting digital threats into business opportunities. Through a series of workshops we help you to understand digital disruption and offer you a model to shape your own future. You can always book us for a keynote presentation on the topic too.

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Digital Transformation Modeling

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  • Insights
  • Impact
  • Scenarios
  • business cases
  • trend watching

An introduction workshop with an overview of the latest trends in this specific industry.


To inspire all implied stakeholders and get a consensus on the fact that change is actually happening, even in your business.


(Half) A day presentation from DearMedia with an overview of the impact that digital has (had) on business, based on the metaphor of the The Glass House, The Package, The Frog, The Gatekeeper, The Traveller, The Participant and The Cyborg. Reality check: how digital already impacted other industries.


An impact analysis of the Drivers of Transformation on your business.


Assessing the possible change to your business as triggered by digital transformation.

  • Listing of potentially impacted areas (activities, areas, divisions, ...)
  • Listing of Drivers of Transformation (DOT’s)
  • Impact Scoring (Rating the impact of each driver for each impact area)
  • Conclusions
  • Selecting the Key Transforming Areas (KTA’s)
  • Planning the next step (Scenario’s)

Predicting future scenario’s for your Key Transformation Areas (KTA’s).


Understanding your possible futures and making them visible for your stakeholders.

  • This exercise needs to be (re)done for each selected Area (KTA).
  • Defining Drivers (DOT) with the highest impact on the Area.
  • Creating a matrix of the 2 DOT’s per KTA (if necessary create several matrixes with one recurrent driver as basis).
  • Brainstorming about the “possible future” in each of the quadrants.
  • Writing a realistic and comprehensive future scenario per quadrant.
  • Performing a SWOT analysis for each scenario (compared to current situation).
  • Selecting the most likely and most wanted scenario’s.
  • Identifying “Red Flags” for trend monitoring per scenario.

Identifying possible business actions and turning them into concrete projects.


Building your own future.

  • Starting from the possible scenario’s.
  • Using our methodology to create a long list of possible business cases.
  • Validating and creating a short list of business cases that need to be elaborated.
  • Assigning them to possible development entities (“The Factory”, “The Guesthouse” or “The Garage”).
  • They are the basis for detailed business case development and the digital agenda.

Closely following evolutions in your and other businesses to identify signs of (accelerated) transformation.


Tracking change as it happens.

  • Permanently monitoring trends in or related to your industry.
  • Organizing monthly or quarterly workshops.
  • An overview of trends and evolutions.
  • Mapping trends on our scenario’s (red flags).
  • Conclusions: which scenario’s are becoming more or less likely to happen?
Digital Leadership Development

Digital Leadership Development


Create a detailed view on how “digital” your entire organization actually is. Defining recommendations to improve the Digital Culture on all levels.

  • Digital Readiness In-Company Survey
  • Senior Management Scan (incl. BoD)
  • Division Scan
Digital Leadership Creation:
  • Action plan and (individual) coaching to inject more digital DNA on all levels (custom)
Business Case Development

Business Case Development


Elaborate (each of the cases of) the short list of business cases that were defined in the general DTM approach.


Detailed approach to develop the business model for each idea, based on:

  • comparative research to validate ideas in a broader context.
Digital Agenda Development

Digital Agenda Development


Kick-start the Digital Agenda for the organization, based on all previous steps. The Digital Agenda is the strategical and tactical roadmap for digital transformation and serves as an evolutive roadmap.

This contains
  • Future vision of transformation
  • Company LT and ST strategy
  • Operational plan (business cases)
  • Actions for cultural change
  • Digital status

The Formulas

Introduction sessions

  • Keynote presentations
  • One-day awareness workshops
  • Full Digital Transformation Modeling program
  • Future business case development workshops
  • Digital leadership assessment
  • Personalized advice and guidance

Digital bookOur book on Digital Transformation

We wrote a book about Digital Transformation. It is a guide for anticipating the change and converting digital threats into business opportunities. It helps you to understand the impact of digital disruption and offers a model to shape your own future.

You can order it through

Digital book