Not just an internship

16 February 2015

Hi guys, I’m Nick and the last couple of months I’ve been interning at DearMedia. To make sure everybody knows what a fun and crazy ride this working period was, I decided to write a blog post about my internship as a DearMedian.

It all started in the summer of 2014 when I sweaty-handed entered the DearMedia office at Zwijnaarde (or Swine Earth, as Sam calls it). Although there was no reason to be stressed out, I was really nervous to meet two of my idols: Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem. But like I said, there wasn’t a thing to worry about because these two chaps welcomed me with their typical humoristic banter, while planning their next presentations and loosely interviewing me in the meantime. Who said men couldn’t multitask, right?

The same fun and enthusiastic feeling got to me when I first met the other team members Helenaand Sam. I never felt like the cliché college boy who had to get the coffee or copy papers for the sake of it. From day one, everyone integrated me in the team like I was his or her life-long colleague. Not only did I feel like I was respected as a person, I was even given tasks with a high level of responsibility right away, which really pushed me to the limit.

 In the first weeks I already had competition research and trendwatching for various A-brands on the agenda. Working closely with Helena (and the rest of the team) gave me the opportunity to learn as much as possible, because this talented lady sure knows how to handle things and is gifted to get the best out of people. Learning and self-education are keywords at DearMedia, as they symbolize the constant will to improve and enlarge your knowledge about digital strategy and transformation. I still remember Digital Marketing First with Sam and SMDayBE with Jo. I even got hooked on GaryVee. Thanks, Dado!

The real difference between being an intern at any random company and interning at DearMedia is the high level of engagement. You’re not only learning/supposed to deliver quality in the work you do, but you also get the opportunity to see the results of your research when Jo or Dado takes you with them to attend strategic workshops with clients. And what to say about the chance I got when my blog posts about market disruption and digital disruption in the insurance industrywere posted on the DearMedia blog.

During my 12 weeks at DearMedia, I really felt like I was growing as a person and getting prepared for the job market. Thanks to the coolest team I ever got to work with for not “just an internship”, but the best I could’ve imagined!